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Our Mission
At the JFI’s Stuart and Eileen Stone Hebrew School at Ohav Sholom we engage our children and their families in Jewish life and education that is relevant and exciting. Our school is open to all Jews regardless of their background, level of observance and affiliation. Using imaginative and thought provoking teaching methods and hands-on experiences for the children, our students are instilled with a lifelong love, pride and appreciation for Judaism, its traditions and the Land of Israel. Our students gain an appreciation for the joys, values and traditions of our heritage as vividly brought to life by our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, whose creativity and dynamism make every lesson a unique learning experience. Our Hebrew School values whole family education as integral to Jewish upbringing.

School-Wide Programming (Super Sundays)
At the JFI Stone Hebrew School at Ohav we put an emphasis on learning through music, art and hands on experiential learning.  Last year we implemented a new Sunday program, once a month, called “Sunday Fundays”. The monthly Sunday Fundays are exiting, engaging and interactive experiences where our children benefit from unique fun-filled activities. Some of past Sunday events have been Sukkot building contests, Chanukah Extravaganza, Purim Carnival, a Passover Experience and other holiday and Jewish themed events. Our Sunday Fundays engage our students with hands-on connections to Judaism, Jewish ethics and Jewish education that is enjoyable and memorable.

Middah of the Month
The Middah of the Month program allows the entire school to work together on the same unit, each class as its own level, achieving a sense of camaraderie and unity of purpose among the entire student body. Every month, the Middah of the Month is incorporated into the curriculum, as each class spends time focusing on character development in one specific area and learns from Jewish sources that deal with that particular trait. Students are engaged in prayer, music, dance, drama, and art that reflect the Middah of the Month. At the end of each unit, we have a school-wide assembly to present class performances relating to the Middah they have been working on. Previous Middah of the Month assemblies, such as "Gratitude", "Kindness", and "Friendship and Unity" have included musical, dance, and dramatic presentations, and the school's glass display cases have been filled with the students' written work and artwork relating to the character trait of the month. Prizes have been awarded to those students who best exemplify the Middah of the Month!

Supplemental activities relating to each holiday add to the excitement of our regular school day. For example on Purim, the children created mishloach manot baskets and packaged gifts of food for other students, while other classes were busy making and decorating creative groggers. For Pesach, students participated in an entertaining and educational musical dramatic presentation, and for Yom HaShoah, Yom HaZikaron, and Yom Ha'Atzmaut, appropriate videos are shown and guest speakers are invited to address the students. 

Musical Learning
The halls of Ohav Sholom are alive with the sound of Jewish music! We are fortunate to be working together with a professional musician and teacher, Mr. Oneg Shemesh, whose dedication and passion for Jewish music have made a major impact on the learning taking place at the Hebrew School. Music has been integrated into the curriculum as Oneg works with administrators and teachers to enhance the learning program. Oneg teaches music related to Shabbat and holidays, prayers, and the Middah of the Month. Our students truly enjoy their music period as they accompany Oneg on his guitar with the musical instruments that he provides for them. 

Hebrew Reading Mentoring Program
We are committed to creating the best possible Hebrew Reading program and ensuring that each and every student is reading Hebrew at the appropriate grade level. We have therefore instituted a Hebrew Reading Mentoring Program, enlisting teachers and volunteers in addition to the current faculty to work with small groups of children and even one-on-one. This allows students to have the maximum time to practice their reading skills which will lead to greater comfort with Hebrew. The ultimate goal is for all our students to reach a level of fluency that makes them comfortable reading the tefillot (prayers) from the siddur (prayer book). Teachers are reporting that we are achieving great results by offering this personal individualized attention to each of our students, and the students are certainly enjoying all the personal attention!









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