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Rabbi Yaakov Gruenstein

Rabbi Yaakov Gruenstein is the Director of the Jewish Family Initiative. Having spent a decade studying Talmudic law, Rabbi Gruenstein received his rabbinical ordination from Rav Moshe Heineman of Baltimore, Chief Rabbi of the famed Star K Kashrus division. Rabbi Gruenstein’s proficiency in numerous topics of Jewish education, warm personality, and unique ability to connect with Jews from all walks of life sets a distinct tone to the JFI. 


Avraham Portnoy

Avraham Portnoy is an associate director of the Jewish Heritage Center. Avraham brings his years of experience working with Jewish youth in and out of the classroom as a teacher and mentor. Avraham has spent several years post high school studying Talmud, Jewish law and ethics in various locations throughout North America and Israel. Avraham is currently working on his Master’s in Education: Guidance and Counseling. Until joining the staff or the Jewish Heritage Center Avraham served as a popular and engaging teacher at Yam Hatorah Yeshiva high school in Bayswater, N.Y.


R Eliyahu Turk

Eliyahu Turk has spent over ten years studying in the Rabbinical Seminary of America and its affiliates. Additionally, Eliyahu has a Master’s in Education: Guidance and Counseling from American Public University and has worked as a school counselor in the NYC Public school System. Currently an associate director of the Jewish Heritage Center, Eliyahu brings hes combined education and work experiences in Rabbinic’s and education to the JFI team.


Mission Statement

The mission of JFI is to connect the whole young Jewish families to a relevant, joyful and meaningful Judaism through exciting, interactive, and relevant educational and social opportunities for the entire Jewish family. In doing so, JFI has become a “community without walls” with a large hub of activities, programs and resources for young Jewish families in Nassau County.







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